VIP Material

Zero-In VIP Material

8 video interviews with East European girls (approx. 30 mins each)

9 pickup guidebooks for the best countries in Eastern Europe


9 live in-field videos


Zero-In Interview with Viktoria Diamond

Girl Interviews

FULL video interviews with a Hungarian air hostess, a Hungarian adult film actress, a Czech ice-skater, a Czech student girl, Czech teacher, Czech media artist, Romanian model, and Romanian executive; who all open up on the topic of seduction. 

Zero-In Live Pickup at Odessa

Live Pickup Videos

FULL live video footage of the Zero-In team partying and seducing women out on the town in Hungary (3 videos), the Czech Republic (3 videos), Russia (1 video) and the Ukraine (2 videos).

Zero-In Dating Guidebook Ukraine

Country Pickup Guidebooks

9 guidebooks on how to pick up girls from the best countries in Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia.