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Zero-In Novel

How John Stevens slept with 26 girls in a year


Specific pickup lines & moves

Many different types of girls

Each chapter covers one of the girls

What is the Zero-In book about?

How John Stevens sleeps with 26 girls over a year in Eastern Europe. It gives a detailed run–down on specific lines and tactics used to attract and bed these East European women.


A spicy variety of girls and circumstances are entertained including virgins, nymphomaniacs, straying fiancées, exhibitionists, booty call, one-night stands, office flings, road trips, threesomes and partner swappin

How is it different to other books on the same subject?

Firstly, the book is about how to get East European women, who are very different from Western girls.


Secondly, the book is specifically disguised to look like an (action) novel.  You can happily read it around others without feeling embarrassed about arousing any attention towards yourself. It primarily describes an entertaining story whereby any tips are subtly interwoven through the use of self-reflective moments and active demonstration. In order to preserve the disguise, recommended approaches are not listed clearly as numbered rules to follow.

Book reviews

Do you like beautiful women?

"Not having enough quality and quantity in terms of women can be frustrating. Wouldn't it be great if there was an exciting and illuminating book that could help you a little? Zero In, by John Stevens, is exactly that book. Written in novel form it describes how he slept with many hot women while working in Europe. If you want to learn how, get Zero In."


This Guy! "TruthReview" (Europe)



... a good buy if you're heading to eastern europe

"This book was quite funny to read at times and absolutely engrossing to read. It told me a few days to go through which I did enjoy. What an eye opener in that country. The only downside was the author current position." 


R. (London, United Kingdom)



"I bought this book as I was going to Budapest with friends, and apart from actually being funny it gave me a real advantage over my friends who didn't understand the way to approach local girls." 



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