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Dating Guide

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There are 2 types of girls


Learn which is your type


How to spot your type in seconds


Find your true match


Save time & cost on broken relationships

Is she a princess?

Zero-In princess

... or a servant?

Zero-In servant

The most ground-breaking PUA strategy in years!

The beautiful girl


Recently, a friend of mine was briefly introduced to a gorgeous, brunette girl through friends. She was well-educated (working as a biochemist) and cultured, also dressing stylishly. She seemed like real girlfriend material.


Getting her number


Later on that night he bumped into her again—there seemed like there was a connection and he was able to get her number. The following week he called her a few times, she also called him and they seemed to be getting on.


The date


They organised a first date that week for the Friday early evening. He took her to a cool but hidden-away place to provide intimacy and privacy. He told me how well it went in the beginning; she was laughing continuously, and asking her fair share of questions too.


The secret


Then, during the second half of the date something changed. She started to become quieter and more withdrawn. Was it because she had to go meet her friends? Was it too hot that night, draining her energy? He tried everything to salvage the date, digging deep into his bag of PUA tricks, however, nothing worked. She had switched off completely. ... WHY?  Because there are 2 types of people and she realised that he wasn’t the type that would fit with her.


The strategy


Understand how to easily categorize girls into just 2 types of girls (.. are they princesses, or are they servants?)


Learn how to work out what type a girl is in seconds!




Work out which type of girl is your type (true match), and save the hassle of wasted time in relationships and costs of divorce.


This is matchmaking at its finest!


Pick up girls


Learn how to easily get girls by knowing which type they are. Even learn how to easily get into bed with those girls who are not your type if you want quick flings.


Mysteries answered


Why do some girls always go after bad boys?

Are you shocked at some stunning babes who choose very understated guys?

Why won’t modern pick up (PUA) theory work with half of the girls?

Are other courses too confusing, with too many tips to remember?


Special offer


How much would a divorce cost you? This Ebook will save you the money and stress of this avoidable situation, by helping you choose the right type of partner.


How can one get a copy of the Princesses & Servants book?


To get a PDF download of the Princesses & Servants guide through PayPal, please click on the following link:

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