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Country Pickup Guidebooks

9 guidebooks on how to pick up girls from the best countries in Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia. 

Girls' Personalities: Do you want to know more about what these girls are like? Which girls should you target? What are the best places to meet them?


Approaching these Girls: What are some secret, easy ways to meet nice, local girls? How should you approach them in a club and in the street? Lots of specific pick up lines are provided! How should you behave in front of them? How should you keep their interest? What kind of initial tests may they throw at you? How do you ask them out on a date? Where should you take them for a date? 


Attracting these Girls: Do you want to know what these girls are attracted to? How should you flirt with them? How should you make physical moves on them?


Relationship Advice: Do you want to understand the relationship dynamics with these girls? What is the courting process?


Special hot tips provided in each guidebook to guarantee you a fighting chance with these local girls!

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