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Audio Series

What is the Zero-In Code audio series about?

The audio series gives a step-by-step, detailed guide to picking up women in Eastern Europe.


If you get this series, you will succeed with hot, East European women!


There are a total of 7 CDs in the series. The first CD deals with opening East European women; the second CD covers early conversation; the third CD looks at later conversation; the fourth CD discusses getting physical; the fifth CD analyses extra, saucy topics; the sixth & seventh CDs cover extra tips.

Over 60 pickup lines


Nearly 10 phone number closes


Over 40 kiss closes


Over 30 model text messages


How to get rid of approach anxiety


How to not get rejected

Zero-In Code CD 1 Opening

CD 1: Opening

The first CD specifically concentrates on the following areas: presenting the right image, increasing your confidence, how to go up to an East European woman, how to position yourself in the club, your body language, pre-opening pick-up lines, direct pick-up lines, indirect pick-up lines, situational pick-up lines, other types of pick-up lines, how to meet girls in different settings (club/street/café/shop), how to seem non-threatening, what second lines to use after the opening pick-up line, how to handle guys who are there with girls you like.

Zero-In Code CD 2 Early Conversation

CD 2: Early Conversation

The second CD specifically concentrates on the following areas: performance routines to make you stand out from the crowd, disguising your interest in a girl, how to come across looking like a hero, gaining the upper hand with women, specific topics to talk about in your initial conversation with a girl, role-playing games, keeping your target off-balance.

Zero-In Code CD 3 Later Conversation

CD 3: Later Conversation

The third CD specifically concentrates on the following areas: getting support from a wingman, making a girl justify herself to you, showing your interest in a girl, getting your target alone, making a girl feel comfortable with you, deeper talk, talking dirty, how to get a girl’s phone number, organizing dates, how to invite a girl over to your place.

Zero-In Code CD 4 Getting Physical

CD 4: Getting Physical

The fourth CD specifically concentrates on the following areas: how to initiate holding a gil’s hand, how to kiss a girl for the first time, dancing with a girl, how to sexually arouse her, how to overcome a girl’s final hesitation in sleeping with you, tips in the bedroom, how to handle the aftermath.

Zero-In Code CD 5 Exotic Extras

CD 5: Exotic Extras

The fifth CD specifically concentrates on the following areas: how to sleep with hot babes, virgins, hired hands, and girls with boyfriends ... as well as, having success with one-night.stands, threesomes and internet dating.

Zero-In Code CD 6 New Tips

CD 6: New Tips 1

The sixth CD contains new tips. The areas covered include: preparation, conversation, dating, getting physical, unique situations (hot babes, going out alone, younger girls, girls with boyfriends, virgins & one-night-stands) and day game.

Zero-In Code CD 7 New Tips

CD 7: New Tips 2

The seventh CD contains new tips. The areas covered include: image, targeting, approaching, opening lines, conversation, value exchange, getting their number, messaging, dating, getting physical, hot babes, younger girls, one-night-stands, breaking up and day game.

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