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Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade, Serbia      




7 seminars + 7 workshops


3 seminars + 3 workshops




July 21-28


July 21-24







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Pick up beautiful Serbian girls!

The girls in Serbia are gorgeous, and very approachable!

This course will give you the know-how to specifically pick up Serbian girls in Belgrade in the middle of summer.

Our team understands the dynamics in Belgrade as they are residents of the place over many years, knowing the best clubs & bars and the mindset of local girls.

When & how long is the bootcamp?

The next bootcamp will take place between July 21-28, 2016.

There are two types of bootcamps available:

(1) the "long weekend" 3 days/3 nights course runs from Thursday afternoon till Sunday early morning

(2) the "one week" 7 days/7 nights course runs from Thursday  afternoon till the following week Thursday early morning

The program ...

Bootcamps involve:

  • day game (in the city, at the lakeside, at the pool) / seminars (learning) during the afternoons

  • workshops (practising) / clubbing during the evenings

For the "long weekend" course the amount of seminars is 3 and workshops is 3 sessions as well. The "one week" course has 7 seminars and 7 workshops.

What do we teach?

This summer adventure includes day game & seminars during the afternoons. These sessions will focus on giving strategies on seducing East European girls (including those from Serbia).

General tips on picking up women will also be covered including:

  • day game

  • overcoming approach fear

  • targeting the right girls

  • pickup lines

  • phone number closes

  • texting messages

  • physical escalation

  • kiss closes

  • picking up models

  • girls with boyfriends

  • one-night-stands

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Girls at the lakeside in Belgrade

Serbian girls at the pool

Student dancing with a local girl at a Belgrade club

Clubbing at night

There will also be workshops (in-field training) at night at various hot bars and clubs around Belgrade, to enjoy the nightlife with local babes by putting into practise what has been learned during the day.

VIP treatment to skip queues & special treatment in clubs will also be offered.

What's included in the price?

The bootcamp price includes the following:



*Meals (breakfast)

*Transport (between Belgrade airport - city center)

*Day game

*Pool / lakeside days

*Adventure activities (such as wake-boarding, aerial obstacle course, rock climbing, paintball & shooting range)

*Course material (the Zero-In book, Zero-In Code audio series, Zero-In Bootcamp Seminar video, 3 month membership to the VIP members' area, & Princesses & Servants dating guide)

What's the maximum group size?

The group will have a limited size of 10 people (plus 4 trainers) to ensure personal coaching.


"It was really nice experience and I liked Randy's way of teaching.  

He explained difficult concepts well and made me understand them correctly.  His demonstration was also great. "

Shunsuke (Japan)


"John is a very talented instructor. He have the huge advantage to be really very experienced (this is in part due to his age, he is older than others instructors wich are often 25) and this help him to manage relationship far better than other instructors."

Laurent (France)


"I have only good things to say about the course. I think during my time in Budapest, you and the girls of Budapest have changed my mind a little bit. You showed me good places, and gave me good information about the local girls and places to go. Plus you pushed me a little, I need that. For me this course was perfect. ... So i will come back again for sure."

Petter (Norway)


"In the Bootcamp in Budapest I learned very good insider tips from you. These tips helped me a lot and made my life easier in Budapest according to Girls and I am very happy because of that. The best was that you motivated me in the nightlife again and again after every fail you stood behind me."

Osan (Austria)


" ... thanks for the coaching, it was a really good experience, I will recommend you. Later I had some nice contacts, Budapest girls are really friendly, a pity i did not realize it much earlier."

Uli (Germany)


"... that night I accomplished my two goals which were doing my first approach to a mixed set and doing my first f-close. ... I (also) got the 19-year old girl's phone number, who is for sure the best girl I ever seen! ... At the end, your help especially with that girl I f-closed was probably the reason of my confidence. I'm really thankful to you."

Orhun (Turkey)

What packages are available?

There are two types of bootcamps available:

(1) the "long weekend" 3 days/3 nights course runs from Thursday afternoon till Sunday early morning

(2) the "one week" 7 days/7 nights course runs from Thursday  afternoon till the following week Thursday early morning

How do I book?

To make a booking, please click on the following link:

Belgrade BC 5 Belgrade BC 6

Accommodation is included

It's easy & cheap to get to Belgrade

There are flights from all major cities in Europe, and the following budget airlines are even operating from the following destinations with direct flights to Belgrade:

  • Wizz Air - Baden-Baden, Basel, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Larnaca, London, Malmo, Memmingen, Paris, Stockholm.

  • Easy Jet - Geneva.

Belgrade BC 8

Girls at the Danube riverside in Belgrade

Girls at a Belgrade club

Girls at the Belgrade lakeside

Extra adventure activities!

Also included in the cost and program of the bootcamp will be extra adventure activities to help build your inner game, such as wake-boarding, aerial obstacle course, rock climbing, paintball and shooting range.

Girls of Zero-In (in bikinis) 6 Workshop 3