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PUA bootcamp details


Do you want to learn how to pick up babes across the world?


There are some amazing girls on this planet of ours, and these bootcamps will give you the know-how to specifically pick up local girls in specific cities. Our team understands the dynamics across the globe, frequently traveling  to many regions, knowing the best clubs & bars and the mindset of local girls.


What is the typical daily program for a bootcamp?


Bootcamps involve:

  • day game / seminars (learning) during the afternoons

  • workshops (practising) / clubbing during the evenings

The amount of seminars and workshops depends on the package chosen.


The following is an example of a daily program:

14:00 - 18:00 - day game / seminar

18:00 - 22:00 - dinner / rest

22:00 - 02:00 - workshop / clubbing


What do we teach in the seminars?


These PUA adventures include seminars which typically occur during the afternoons. These sessions will specifically focus on outlining strategies with respect to seducing local girls.


General tips on picking up women will also be covered including:

  • day game

  • overcoming approach fear

  • targeting the right girls

  • pickup lines

  • phone number closes

  • texting messages

  • physical escalation

  • kiss closes

  • picking up models

  • girls with boyfriends

  • one-night-stands


How do we practise during the workshops at night?


There will also be workshops (in-field training) during the nights at various hot bars and clubs around the town, to enjoy the nightlife with local babes by putting into practise what has been learned during the day.


How many people are in a group?


Currently, the maximum group size is five students and one instructor to ensure personal training. Groups of friends are also accepted, and discounts are available in such cases.


What about accommodation?


If needed, help with organizing reliable accommodation can be arranged.


What packages are offered?



1 evening workshop & 2 afternoon seminars (all cities)



2 evenings & 3 afternoons (all cities)


How do I book?


To get more information on specific boot camps and make a booking, please click on one of the following cities:



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EUR 695


EUR 695




EUR 995


EUR 995