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I once dated a Russian girl, and posed her the question as to what was the difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls. She told me that she had got to know many Ukrainian girls and described them as relatively more physical, easier to fool around with and more curvaceous than their Russian neighbors.


However, many men travel to the Ukraine in an attempt to pick up local girls, but contrarily find them extremely difficult to get anywhere with. Reflecting further on what my Russian ex–girlfriend mentioned, in my opinion, the Ukrainian girls are definitely extremely voluptuous and are among the most stunning I have ever seen in the world.


Ukrainian girls seem to be conscious of their incredible beauty, for example, they love having photos taken of themselves and they love to pose when they are dancing in a club. In this way, they are extremely vain. They also believe that the main reason foreigners come to the Ukraine is because of the girls. Furthermore, the local girls at times place a high value on this beauty of theirs, which means that when one is going out with them, one could be stuck with very high meal and drink bills.  This reminds me of a classic situation when I was chatting up a gorgeous Ukrainian girl by the bar.  After a while, she directed me to either buy her and her friend whisky red bulls or leave.


In terms of their image, Ukrainian girls generally don’t like to kiss in public. It’s not cool. So, there are some elements of intimacy which should only be shared in private, especially when initially dating a Ukrainian girl.


Concerning language, there still seems to be a relatively high number that don’t speak much English. Maybe this means going for more populated cities when traveling to the Ukraine, or even using internet dating as a means to find a girl you can communicate better with.

Dating Ukrainian girls


Keep in mind that there are visa issues for them traveling outside of the Ukraine, so it may be hard for them to visit you elsewhere. Instead you will be forced to visit them in the early courting stages in their own country, and it will be difficult for you to invite them to your respective country in the beginning.


Local, Ukrainian girls also seem to get married and have kids very young. So, you might find the set of available women less than what was expected in your respective age group.



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