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Characteristics of Slovakian women

Women in Slovakia can be amazingly beautiful and are distinctly different from other types of women in Eastern Europe. They seem quite centered, solid and content in their lives.  In terms of generally interacting with others, they come across as very friendly, welcoming, well–mannered, kind and easy–going. There is also an incredible subtlety associated with them; a combined air of sophistication, gracefulness and meekness. Considering these attributes, I cannot help likening them to blossoming daffodils.


Of course, this is a double–edged sword as they are somewhat introverted and quiet. They further have a kind of deeper coldness and conservative side to them,  and I’m not sure whether their sophisticated appearance is actually a cover (or disguise) for their simplicity.


In terms of the night scene, it is really quiet during the week in Slovakia. However, on the weekend, the women love to come out partying; particularly relishing the opportunity to dance.


Slovakian girls are somewhat dreamy; loving romantic ideas and fairy tales. In this way, the aesthetics of an encounter is important to them. Thus, they view seduction as clear, direct and immediate.



Dating Slovakian girls


The relationship dynamics with respect to Slovakian women

Now, in terms of the relationship dynamics with respect to Slovakian girls, this is where things get tricky. Their reserved nature makes them somewhat difficult to communicate with, thereby making it a strain to entertain a Slovakian woman, and potentially creating misunderstandings. It can be hard to work out what they exactly want or like. Furthermore, ...



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