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Characteristics of Romanian girls


Romanian girls have an unparalleled mix of Latin and East European heritage, giving them a real fiery, sexy edginess.


They are extremely fun; particularly loving music and dancing. Their passion for music is reflected in the relatively high number of recent hits to come out of the country.


They have a playful, advanced, edgy sense of humor. It can be hard to keep up with them.


They have a very high level of English compared to other European countries.


Whilst they are notably religious (mostly Orthodox), in terms of their attitude towards sexuality, the sensuality in their blood dominates as they ooze sex. Romania is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe where it is still common to see women topless at the beach, rubbing oil onto their firm, tightly–packed, tanned bodies.


Italian men have rubber–stamped the place, even moving there, particularly liking the city of Arad due to the high quantity of beautiful women present. This is why Arad apparently produces some of the best pizza and gelato in Romania.


Relationship dynamics with a Romanian girl


When going out with a Romanian girl, remember that they love the good life. They dream of going to Bora Bora and wearing Prada shoes, feeling no guilt in going shopping with you and maxing out your credit card, being quite happy to meet a man who will give them a child and sponsor their lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, as well as wanting to be pampered and spoilt, they like you to chaperone them in terms of picking them up from—and escorting them to—whatever place.

Dating Romanian girls


It is also worth noting that, as a result of their hot blood, they can be somewhat possessive and jealous.


Dynamics when going out partying in Romania


There are many posing places to go out to in Romania; being decorated with big couch areas—where groups segregate themselves—and hired–dancers who perform in scanty clothing on top of the bar areas, as well as mafia–styled men and stunning women. In these places, I recommend ...



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