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Throughout history, Poland has suffered its fair share of tragedies. However, the people have managed to keep their heads held high and rebuild their nation, culturally and economically, into one which is extremely vibrant.


Having two giant nations (Germany and Russia) on its doorstep, makes for some interesting dynamics when looking at this rising star. Some locals state that the people are still a bit wary of their Russian neighbors, and slightly esteeming of the Western lifestyle experienced through their German acquaintances.


The locals pride themselves in their friendly service.  And culturally speaking, there are sprinkles of bohemian elements present.


Characteristics of Polish girls


Now, when specifically looking at Polish girls, there are religious undertones present as they are essentially “nice girls”; being close to their family, and being open and friendly. I suppose that with that, comes that side whereby they want to break–out; acting like crazy, teenage girls. However, their elegance and refined style keeps them somewhat at bay.


Polish girls may be a touch gaumless (maybe even out of place) at times, but it comes off as cute in my eyes—for example, take note of their overly animated, enthusiastic dancing style. They can talk in a very animated fashion also.

Dating Polish girls


Another thing about Polish girls, is that—whilst they definitely have a connection to their local culture—they do also love to venture out to other parts of the world as is probably noticed in their immigration to countries such as the U.S. and U.K.



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