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Many foreign male newcomers to Moldova expect the local girls to flock to them because of their money and passport, however, this is now a major misconception as these girls themselves can gain a Western European passport (via Romania) and the local guys also now have a lot more cash.


Moldavian men have made a lot of money from selling properties which they picked up for pittance during communist times in the forthcoming boom at exorbitant prices, and renting their new properties to foreigners. Also, they venture abroad on work-travel programs, returning with a lot of money. Many local girls work abroad as strippers and call-girls in Italy, Dubai, etc, and bring back a lot of cash, placing more value on themselves and needing less support from partners.


Characteristics of Moldavian girls


There are two broad types of Moldavian girls:


(1) Free-riders, who are looking for short-term financial compensation from foreigners. These girls may either con you into spending money on drinks, clothes etc without ever offering themselves sexually, or seek to enter into a sponsorship arrangement whereby they sleep with you in return for some kind of financing (by the way of monthly payments, gifts, a place to stay, a car, tuition, one-off cash payments).

(2) Relationship girls, who are seeking more of a romantic, committed relationship.


The free-riders want you to take them and their friends out partying, drinking expensive drinks, eating out at expensive restaurants. The problem is they pretend to like you, want to be your girlfriend and promise you sex in the future, but generally disappear as soon as you try to become physically intimate.

Dating Moldavian girls


Keep in mind that Moldova is a small country and the local girls are conscious about their reputation in public. When entering a relationship, the foremost thing in their mind is marriage and kids. Thus, putting these issues together, local girls ...



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