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When trying to understand Hungarian women, it is important to consider the backdrop of their country. Hungary is a country which lost 70% of its land after World War I; now being a small country bordered by 7 neighboring countries, with a unique, complicated language—quite unlike any other in the region. In this way its girls are somewhat defensive, and considered to be outsiders with respect to their Slavic and Balkan neighbors, further suffering from small-country-syndrome. Their inferiority complex is displayed in the importance they attach to pride, status and “getting one over you”. Sometimes you get the feeling that they all think they are movie-stars.


During the World War II, the Hungarians switched sides from the Germans to the Russians back to the Germans again; symbolizing their wishy-washy nature, ever indulging in tragedy. This is reflected in the nature of Hungarian woman who are very non-committal and can change their mind very quickly (being somewhat unreliable); probably subconsciously seeking to mess things up when they are going well, in an effort to steer away from boredom (or normality).


Invasions in the past by the Mongols and Turks have led to a very mixed ethnicity in Hungary. Not only are there many different looking Hungarian girls in terms of looks, but in terms of style as well.  The main styles include the student, the career woman, the artsy girl and the bimbo. In terms of nationality background, there are Schwaben fräulein (having German background), Jewish girls and gypsy lasses.

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If you are overly nice and polite, it can make some Hungarian girls suspicious-due to  ...



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