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It is believed by many that Czech girls are hot and raunchy, which is probably due to the high concentration of erotic parlors and adult actresses within the country. Whilst Czech girls seem to be relatively open–minded, the ones on the free–market are more challenging and picky than generally thought–of.


Characteristics of Czech girls

When most people think of women in the Czech Republic, they think of chicks oozing sexiness. However, I’m swayed to reserve that characteristic for the Romanian contingent. To me, Czech girls come across as fun, intelligent and independent. I have this picture imprinted in my mind of a blue–eyed, blonde babe dancing away, cutely smiling, emanating warmth, totally captivating every man in the club. They do have a sexiness about them, but it is more playful than raw. I have heard them described as calculating, but I would rather say that they’re smart and educated. The English level of the local women is very high.


When in the club environment, one will notice lots of groups of Czech girls out, drinking and dancing. They generally start the evening with a few drinks and then hit the dance–floor, never looking back. In terms of specific drinks, cocktails, wine and fun shots seem to be the go. When engaging those Czech women who are drinking, try to ...

Dating Czech girls


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