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By John Stevens, Oct 24 2019 10:54PM

One of the main issues when approaching a new girl is framing the time so it doesn't seem like you will be talking to her for a long time.

So, how can we do this? A great technique is to have one or two good lines or questions to ask her and then excuse yourself to leave. You can come back again later to continue talking to her.

This tip really makes you look less clingy and girls will be more interested than if you look like you're never going to leave.

By John Stevens, May 17 2016 07:54AM

How can we get a girl to come up to us?

Usually us guys have to approach girls, but sometimes it can be awkward, especially in a day game setting. There is also the problem for us of approach anxiety or fear.

So, is there a trick we can use to get a girl to come up to us? Yes there is! Here it is:

1) Walk in front of the girl.

2) Accidentaly let something of yours (like a piece of paper, an envelope with a letter in it, or some other item) drop from amongst other things you are carrying, and act like you don't notice.

3) If she notices, she will pick up the thing you dropped and try to give it to you.

4) Say "Thank you!" and ask if you can repay her with a coffee.

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