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Dating tips based on science

By John Stevens, Feb 6 2017 01:25PM

What are the scientific ways you can look more attractive to a girl?

Here are 11 scientific ways to appear more attractive to a girl:

1) Be funny. Women like men who make them laugh.

2) Surround yourself with friends. People look better when they’re in a group.

3) Skip the small talk. Ask deeper questions to feel more connected with someone.

4) Be a leader. People find their leaders more attractive.

5) Smile more. The bigger the smile, the more attractive a face looks.

6) Own a dog. Women see dog owners as more suitable long-term partners.

7) Be nice. When people hear about how nice someone is, they find the person’s face more attractive.

8) Live in a high-status place. Men are rated as more attractive if they live in a luxury apartment.

9) Play good music. Women find players of complex music more attractive than those playing simple music.

10) Cultivate mindfulness. Women are more attracted to mindful men.

11) Play extreme sports. Women are attracted to men who take "hunter-gatherer risks” (like mountain biking, deep-sea scuba diving, and extreme rollerblading).

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